Alex Fedorov photographer


Alex Fedorov is a young bright photographer. He states his mission as the recovery of aesthetics in the art of photography. "As Bourdieu once noted photography has become middlebrow art due to its growing accessibility. By my pictures I try to remind people that initially it was that of highbrow. And still should be", the artist mentions.

He brings the world into being as it is. On his pictures we see real colours and forms which we cannot see any more in contemporary reality of staged authenticity. His works manifest the purity of life, life that can speak for itself throughout his photography.

"I draw inspiration from journeys. The path of life is indeed a journey, you see". Displacement in spaces grasped by the gaze of photo camera shifts us in outher realms. Here everything denotes peace. Here we can find grace and dignity in each inch. And even phisical borders of photo frame don't limit but open the door to the life which is not in itself limited.